Friday, March 16, 2012

The Point V2. - Vol. 9 - "March Madness"

A week ago, I stated that John Carter kicked off the "epitome of awesomeness." In that post, I mentioned that John Carter was an entertaining adventure film that whisked me away to a fantasy world for a couple of hours. You have the reluctant hero, the comedic animal sidekick (Woola), and the Princess (of Mars) all on an adventure to save Barsoom (Mars). What I failed to mention is that when we went to the theater on Friday night there was plenty of seating in the theater. I thought at the time that maybe everyone went to the 3D showing, but I have since found out they went to see the Lorax instead.
With that said, I've noticed a tenacious word of mouth campaign for this film going on, and I've noticed dedicated fans leaving comments on movie websites about how much they enjoyed this movie. I posted the first ten minutes of the film last week to try to drive the 10 readers of this blog into the theater. My campaign alone was not enough since the movie only banked 30 million domestically (100 million worldwide). I found a Facebook group demanding a sequel and's fan-trailers. These fan-made trailers should entice more viewers. Am I crazy or am I promoting fan trailers? Well, I saw both of this fan-made trailers this week and couldn't help but wonder...what the hell was Disney thinking? Did their marketing campaign use all its ideas on Muppet parody trailers? Whoever made these trailers deserves a job. Check out the clips from YouTube.

See what I mean. These trailers show the history of Edgar Rice Burroughs character and showcase the epic scope of this adventure film. I guess I'm not crazy or have a case of the March Madness, so I'll cancel my doctors appointment. These trailers should have been the ones that Disney used. So, if you're planning on seeing a movie this weekend, check out John Carter. Because your other choice is a remake of 21 Jump Street starring Oscar-nominated Superbad star, Jonah Hill and one-time MTV Movie Award Nominee, Channing Tatum. Let me restate...80s television show remade with the Sitter star, Jonah Hill and Step-Up star, Channing Tatum. In one trailer, Jonah Hill's character threatens to punch a woman in the face. Let me restate one more looks dumb. I still don't think I'm getting my point across. It looks REALLY dumb. And should I remind everyone about Charlies Angels, My Favorite Martian, Starsky and Hutch, Miami Vice, Dragnet, Mr. Magoo, S.W.A.T., Get Smart, the Honeymooners, I spy, The Honeymooners, McHale's Navy, The Mod Squad, Lost in Space...I know I missed a few more, but you get the gist. Rarely, these remade television shows work....the Naked Gun/Police Squad is the exception, but it really wasn't a remake either. While neither John Carter or 21 Jump Street made my most anticipated movies of this year, John Carter should have. My apologies to it, perhaps with a different marketing scheme, it would have made the top 15.

Will Sheamus and Y2J steal "The Show of Shows?"
Speaking of March Madness, the hoopla...hubbub...hysteria has begun. And, I'm not talking about college basketball's NCAA tournament. I'm talking about, of course, the WWE's Wrestlemania XXVIII PPV or "the Show of Shows" being held in Miami, FL. If you are unaware, Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of the WWE. The winner of the Royal Rumble earns a title match at Wrestlemania. This is a time honored tradition, however this year's winner (Irish born Sheamus) isn't given the hype that he deserves. One reason is because he is facing current World Champion and former NXT performer Daniel Bryan who is a relatively new addition to the nationwide-televised square-circle. Most people would say that the hullabaloo surrounding the fantasy match of the People's Champion vs. the Cenation's Champion (or the Rock vs. John Cena) is the reason Sheamus isn't getting his deserved coverage. After announcing this dream match on the RAW following last year's Wrestlemania, you'd think the hype would be huge in the blogosphere, however another match has spawned up that has more fans excited. I'm not talking about the General Manager war (a twelve-man tag-team match for control of both WWE shows) or the Best in the World at What He Does vs. The Best Wrestler in the World (Chris "Y2J" Jericho vs. current WWE Champion and straight edge superstar CM Punk). No no...I'm talking about HHH facing the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell with special guest referee HBK. That's correct. The Undertaker, the American Bad Ass...the Dead Man, will put his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania up against Triple H with the other half of Degeneration X, Shawn Michaels, as the special guest referee. For the last three years, the Undertaker has left it all in the ring facing Shawn Michaels and Triple H. These matches have caused Shawn Michaels retirement and the Undertaker to leave last year's match on a stretcher.

As a fan of the WWE, I don't think the Hell in the Cell match will disappoint. Triple H vs. the Taker in Hell in a cell was more than enough for me, but the addition of Shawn Michaels makes this an even more interesting match. I'm sure the twelve-man tag match will be lackluster unless they introduce a ladder into the mix. A diva tag match is planned, and a United States Championship match as well and did I just fall asleep? YAWN. The two championship matches (Punk v. Y2J & Bryan v. Sheamus) are the ones that I think have the most potential to steal the show. Sheamus and Bryan in particular because they are young talent with so much to prove. As for the Rock v. Cena, I still think this is the WWE pulling an elaborate April Fools joke. I said that a year ago on Facebook (it's on my timeline or on a status comment on my cousin's timeline). I should mention that Wrestlemania is on April 1st this year and that every show has "card subject to change" printed on its tickets. And if it isn't a joke, the match will probably be one. Neither of these guys is a great wrestler, they are both just very good showman.

So catch the madness...the March Madness by preparing yourself for the brouhaha that is Wrestlemania, watch a college basketball game or two, and go see John Carter in theaters at least two times and maybe upwards of seventeen times. I know you have lots of places to hear nonsense, and I thank you for choosing mine. Be sure to go see John Carter multiple times and then tune in next time for the zany adventures of the one and only self-proclaimed semi-professional procrastinator that doubles as an entertainment guru...or as my mom called me...that damn lazy couch potato.