Monday, July 18, 2011

Does the Harry Potter Poster look familiar to you?

I am not a fan of the Harry Potters series.  Maybe it is because I'm too old or maybe I just don't want to like a wizard who isn't Merlin.  But, I do know movies and their posters.  This Harry Potter poster irks me because I knew I had seen it before.  It was from a craptastic movie from 1985 called Enemy Mine.  I'm not sure what other stolen material the Harry Potter franchise has, but I do know that Daniel Radcliffe is no Dennis Quaid.  I mean Dennis Quaid has played Jerry Lee Lewis, Doc Holliday, General Hawk, a dragon slayer, a secret service agent, the quarterback for the Miami Sharks, and spent a few hours inside of Martin Short as Lt. Tuck Pendleton (Its a movie called Innerspace...its not gay, it is very funny...look it up kids).  He has done so much and then this Daniel Radcliffe thinks he can mimic him because nobody chooses to remember Enemy Mine and those who do remember are chastised for it.  I remember. Mock me if you must, but I will stand up for Dennis Quaid even if he took a role in the Footloose movie remake.   Of course, both these posters have stolen the wrestling stare down move trademarked by the WWE.