Thursday, July 14, 2011

Procrastinator's Point - Version II - Volume 1

The Procrastinator's Point was originally created as an outlet for me to discuss why I wasn't doing my homework in college.  I was published in the A&E section of our school newspaper to discuss things like movies, television, video games, internet phenomenons, and anything else that took my attention away from my studies.  Now, it's been a few years, but I have returned to my ranting in the form of a web log. I'll shorten that...form of a blog. 

So, July started out with a camping trip and some fireworks.  I've been reading a paperback novel from DC Comics called "Infinite Crisis."  However, that novel is older and irrelevant. I got it because Borders was having a close-out sale and I like to read....recreational reading like magazines, comic books, and graphic novels. If you bring a Jane Austen novel near me, I'll burn it and toss it near your face. It wouldn't be directly at your face just near enough to make you pee yourself, I'm not a psychopath.

So after my camping trip, I decided to go see Transformers 3 in 3D.  I had low expectations as I normally do with Michael Bay movies, but as a fan of the Decepticons as a child, I quite enjoyed seeing them ravage the world for once.  Bay does know how to make an action flick. I'll give him credit for that.  Shia is a douche though, in reality and in the movie. I'd rather the movie be set around the robots and not the human companions and their hot, yet annoying significant others.  Back to the positives, the 3D was very good. Usually I despise 3D, but I liked this one as much as Avatar.  I've been quite happy with my Summer Movies so far this year (however, I am married with a kid so I can't afford to see everything I'd like to see).  Thor and X-men were both better than expected, and Kung Fu Panda 2 was a fun father's day experience for me and my daughter. 

I can't argue with comic book movies like X-men and Thor...sure they never live up to the expectations of their source material, but they do provide some good old fashioned fun for guys like me who have waited their entire life to see these beloved characters come to life.  That goes for Hasbro toys, comic books, and anything else from my childhood that has reached the big screen except the Smurfs, I won't claim that even with NPH in it.  With that said, nothing will ever reach the success and beauty of the holy trinity in my generation's eyes...that would be the original Star Wars movies (not the prequels) for all you youngsters out there.  Nothing will ever surprise me like the 6th Sense, S7EVEN, or even how the 1st Matrix movie did.  Inception was a brilliant movie that I liked, but it wasn't anything new.  And no summer will ever match the excitement of when Iron Man debuted (and I saw it 3 times in 3 days) to kick off the blockbuster season, then the Incredible Hulk smashed the artsy Hulk movie into bits, and finally the Dark Knight rode in to success beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  I accept that my movie experiences have probably peaked, but others are still developing...and I'll always enjoy a movie with well-known characters in it like the Muppets (so excited). The Wolverine movie may have sucked, but I watched it once in the theater and once on HBO.  I don't do that with any other type of movie.  Excuse my rant, but I read a lot of commentary from fanboys on Superhero Hype and Screen Rant. Moving along...

The next topic is something I stumbled upon a few months ago, but I didn't know what it was until my nerd friends...I mean technologically savy friends started getting their panties...sorry I mean whitey tighties in a bunch on Facebook.  "Google+ is going to kill Facebook"  "Facebook sucks, I can't wait until Google+ launches globally."  Whatever geek nation.  Like I said, I had it for a while.  I was invited once when I was downloading Picasa 3 in February, I think.  I remember because I wondered what the + was all about.  I thought it was a premium deal that was going to ask for a credit card number.  I never went back until a few days ago.  Google+ is ok.  I don't see what the hub bub is about.  Basically, it is what I do with Facebook and Twitter but slightly different. I don't think Facebook will die like Friendster and MySpace did.  Speaking of MySpace, did anyone else know Justin Timberlake was a pedophile?  Just kidding JT, you're cool.  Joe Shmoe will still use Facebook, musicians will still go to MySpace, my dog likes Twitter (Pepper isn't big on typing more than 140 characters, those darn paws of hers), and Google+ will find its fan base.  But what the hell is FourSquare and Living Social.  I think social media got out of control when a movie was made about it.  But JT was the bomb in it!

I also got the Verizon HTC Trophy Windows phone.  I like. I recommend.  This device has truly wasted my time with games that log in through my X-box account.  I can read my tweets on the go.  I can check sport scores. Text. E-mail.  Take pictures. Video.  All kinds of Apps.  And I think it may be a phone too.  Not sure about that, maybe I'll check it out another day.  But first I need to catch up on my Netflix before they raise the price in the near future.  Those f'n bastards. At least buy your clientele dinner before you bend them over.

Lastly, I just started hearing about this graphic novel being released next month.  I read their free 5 page preview online. It is called Terminal Alice.  Looks interesting.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website for more info. 

So in short...go see Transformers if you like sci-fi action movies, buy a Windows phone, watch or listen to anything with Justin Timberlake in it (making up for my earlier joke), boycott Netflix for their price gouging (remember, the customer is always the customer...they will meet our demands if enough people participate or they will suffer financially and have to do another rate hike), check out google+ or don't...I really don't care, play video games, watch television, visit, read a comic book, use the internet for something other than porn, and tune in next time for more adventures of the one and only self-proclaimed semi-professional procrastinator that doubles as an entertainment guru...or as my mom called me...that damn lazy couch potato.