Friday, February 10, 2012

Spider-Man looks Amazing

The Amazing Spider-Man landed at #5 on my list of Most Anticipated movies of 2012. Then, the second trailer was released this week. I'm certain that I made a mistake and this is a contender in the top 3...maybe even for the top spot. Look out The Avengers. Look out The Dark Knight Rises. The Amazing Spider-Man looks to be the dark horse this year.

Web-shooters..comic book style!
It's hard for me to say that a character from one of the most profitable comic book franchises is the long-shot candidate for being the best comic book movie of the year. After Spiderman 3 disappointed me and the fact that Sony decided to reboot this franchise only 5 years after the last installment worried a lot of fanboys like myself, but this trailer has put my fears to rest.  Also, I remember Warner Brothers taking only 8 years between the craptacular buffoonish horrendous Batman & Robin and the franchise's savior Batman Begins. We know how that turned out for Batman's career.

Will The Amazing Spider-Man be the next Batman Begins or will it perform the fanboy flop like Superman Returns? You'll have to build a time machine patiently wait until this summer to find out for sure.  As a comic book fan, I'm so exited for this year. The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man all look extremely good!