Monday, February 13, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer Unveiled

Yesterday was President Lincoln's birthday.  He would have been 203 years old and probably shocked about how his legacy is being portrayed the today. The day after his birthday Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer was finally released. I bet he'd be appalled. However, I'm not President Lincoln. I've grown up with several incarnations of vampire stories available to me and vampire characters spanning the spectrum from Count Dracula to Count von Count to Team Edward. Vampire hunters have been portrayed so differently throughout the years from a classic like Van Helsing to teenage girl like Buffy to day-walker like Blade now to the President who ended slavery, Abraham Lincoln.

Lately, it seems as if we've been overwhelmed with vampires on film and television, but I think this is a story that needs to be told on screen. If you don't agree, go pick up Seth Grahame-Smith's historical-fiction novel of the same name.  It's surprisingly good. But first, check out the trailer...


You have to love that tagline "Are you a patriot or a vampire?", and the action sequences look phenomenal. CGI yes, but still visually it looks like an outstanding interpretation of the novel. Grahame-Smith has stated that the film follows the book closely with a few additions to help transfer the story to the screen. That's one of my main reasons for wanting to see this film, you just don't hear about the author of a novel working as a screenwriter for the adapted screenplay. It's good to know that the creator of this story is involved with the movie. Secondly, Timur Bekmambetov is directing the film. His action sequences in Wanted were fantastic. Lastly, the king of creep, Tim Burton, is producing. They didn't hire A-List actors, so the budget can be used on effects. Everything seems to line up for this to be a great interpretation of another vampire story. The silliness of the title enticed me to read to the novel. It was worth it. I can only hope that others will go to the theater for the same reason.