Thursday, February 02, 2012

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Support the Cure

Reality TV has spread faster than Snooki's legs. If someone told me during my teen years that television would steer away from scripts and that cheap, fake programming said to resemble "reality" would be all the rage, I would have asked that person to take a drug test or at least asked them to share.

With that said, I have to say that I'm guilty of occasionally tuning in to some of these shows on a rare occasion. I've watched a season or two of Celebrity Apprentice. I've watched the Voice and Rock Star INXS. But, I never really realized how quickly the reality television virus has spread. It's so contagious that Snooki and the Situation have become household names even if you've never watched MTV's Jersey Shore. I've referenced the Jersey Shore twice already, and I've never watched an episode (in all fairness, I have seen clips on The Soup and Beavis & Butt-Head).

This is probably one of the most sickening television statistics you will ever see.  In the year 2000, four reality television shows existed.  After a decade, three hundred and twenty reality television shows were in existence. This graphic shows some other terrible tidbits about reality TV.


[Via: Dish]

Why is Simon Cowell getting 75 million dollars a season?  This is unacceptable, our forefathers didn't bleed their blood for our freedom so a British a-hole could rule the airwaves. The Jersey Shore has 8.8 million viewers, yet top-notch comedy shows like Cougar Town and Community get shelved for lengthy periods of time because viewers aren't tuning in and hilarious scripted sitcoms like Man Up get cancelled. Stop supporting reality tv. Start giving writers jobs by watching scripted shows. Knowledge is power, stopping spreading this filth! The only way to cure this disease is by abstinence. Support the cure. No more reality shows! Let's put the E! network out of business. Damn the man, save the Empire.

Originally heard about this horrible information on Screen Rant.
Reality TV By The Numbers [Infographic] | Screen Rant:

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