Monday, December 12, 2011


One of the films that I'm looking forward to next year is Men in Black 3. Today the first teaser trailer was unveiled on-line.
You can read the article about this film on screenrant, check out the movie's viral marketing campaign, or watch the trailer here and read my opinion below.

My opinion is that this movie looks to continue on with the Men in Black franchise. Will Smith's snarky attitude, that distinguishable Men in Black music, creepy unworldly odd aliens, flashy thingys to make me...where am I, what am I doing here...the secrets of the universe, and now time travel are all elements to make this movie on par to be as good or better than the original. The only thing that could make this trailer better is if Josh Brolin imitated Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K character perfectly...wait, that just happened...that flashy thingy is messing with my brain. This movie has been floating around my top-5 list of must-see movies for next year and this trailer has helped cement its place in the top 10 at least. I need to see more trailers for summer films before I announce this much anticipated list...for my 5 blog followers (Two of them are me). I'm not one for pandering...but follow my blog...the secrets of the universe may be unveiled just by following my blog.

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