Friday, December 16, 2011

Ghost Rider 2

The Procrastinator's Point's trailer week** continues today with Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance which is not a combination of two crappy movies (Ghost Rider and The Spirit) is just a sequel to one not-so-good movie about the devil's bounty hunter.
Ghost Rider’s penance stare drove evildoers away from the theater in fanboy-hatred-ranting groves in 2007, but will the Rider be able to muster up fans for a unwanted sequel five years later? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself...and then read my opinion about this franchise below.

Whoa whoa whoa...wait a second. Big Daddy (Kickass) is Ghostrider...seriously, why hasn't anybody got up in arms about this travesty? Ryan Reynolds couldn't be Deadpool and Green Lantern. Chris Evans couldn't be Johnny Storm and Captain America. Why does Nicolas Cage get to ruin Big Daddy and just isn't fair.

As for the trailer, it looked as good as could be expected. It is a special effects driven action movie lacking seriously in the story department.  I'd say it is on target to be as good as Punisher: War Zone...which in my opinion was the best movie in the Punisher series, but it is far from reaching every fanboy's expectancy based on the story the source material provides. Basically, studios take these great characters and water them down to make a semi-decent popcorn action flick.  It helps that the movie debuts in February since that month doesn't usually provide the best movies and has not-so-good box office numbers.

Are you a fan of Ghostrider? What did you think of the trailer? Why does Nicolas Cage still get jobs? Answer any of these questions or bring up your own discussion in the comments below.

**My apologies to my followers. I wanted to post this a few days ago, but I couldn't find an upload on Youtube until this morning. It was available on Yahoo, but I haven't figured out how to upload other sites videos yet.