Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mini Point - Episode 1

After hearing about Steve Jobs' death, I decided I would finally get out my rant about Microsoft. But I should address the obvious, Steve Jobs was involved with many technological strides in our generation and did great things for the computing age.  I'm not a MAC - APPLE, iPhone, iPod user.  For a short stint, I did do some experimenting in college.  I didn't enjoy my time with my MAC laptop. I don't like user friendly apps.  My wife does love the MAC computer, so I can see that different people appreciate different programming.  Steve Jobs will be missed. Blah blah blah, sorry I didn't actually know the guy or really use his products...and this web log is not about Jobs either.  It is about how the Microsoft company has kicked me squarely in the nutsack once again.  Microsoft has handled the updating of their Window's Phone 7 software piss poorly.

Anywho, I read about about the 7.5 software (AKA Mango) on my USA Today app on my Windows phone. Microsoft was rolling out the update, and I got excited because I noticed I had an update available on my phone.  I hooked up my phone and let the Zune do the update.  I had a few troubles with it, but nothing to hard to figure out after going to Microsoft's FAQ webpage and wasting a few hours.  I thought I had Mango, but it turns out that it was the 7392 update and apparently that is only the first of four Mango updates. I wait.  I look on-line, find some tips to hard-starting the next update, nothing works. Microsoft says the update will be coming and users should all have it within a couple of weeks.  A week goes by, Microsoft sends me an e-mail that showcases all the features of Mango.  Thanks Microsoft for rubbing salt in the wounds.  More time passes. I'm on a week and a half of waiting since the initial Mango announcement.  That's 2 and half years in technical computing time...maybe more, I'm not good with conversions.

Now that is why Mango has pissed me off.  Then, I realized I haven't got my free X-box 360 game for buying a Windows phone.  6-8 weeks have long passed. I've been emailing the a-holes trying to locate Halo:Reach. Their response e-mails take 2-3 days. It is so annoying.  Microsoft, you've managed to somehow upset me once again...F'N WINDOWS 98!