Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hype Cycle

Todd McFarlane is churning the rumor mill once again and trying to build hype for the newest rendition of his classic character returning to live-action film. That's right, he spoke up about writing the script for a Spawn film, again. Then, he added another juicy tidbit about an Oscar winning actor who phones him regularly about finishing the project so he can secure the starring role. This brings up the question..."Which Oscar winning actor is it?" "Do Todd McFarlane and Dan Aykroyd have the same publicist?"
We all know my love of Ghostbusters and how I've attempted to wow Dan Aykroyd with my script ideas.  The truth is that as much as I love that franchise, it has become a joke to hear any new information from Mr. Aykroyd. The same can be said for Todd McFarlane's Spawn franchise. I've been hearing about this new script just as long as the Ghostbusters 3 rumors. These two creative writers run through a media hype cycle of appearing every few months to remind fans that their franchises still exist. And it's gotten to the point of being sickening.

In the 90s, I enjoyed the HBO animated Spawn series. The live-action filmed left a lot to be desired. Since then, McFarlane keeps stating (in around 6 month increments) that he is working on the script for another Spawn film. What is this...Chinese Democracy?  Perhaps Aykroyd and McFarlane should do a crossover film ala AVP: Alien Vs. Predator.  BAM! There it is. Take my Ghostbusters 3 script ideas and insert Al Simmons/Spawn as the creature summoned. Then they can take on Hellboy and Ghostrider...new franchise started. I am obligated to state that this idea is me being facetious in case any Hollywood executives actually think this is a good idea.

Ok, so to recap...

  1. Todd McFarlane is being stalked by an Oscar winning actor who wants to star in a Spawn live-action movie. Who could it be? Based on the age of Al Simmons and the "winning an Oscar" requirement, it might be either Sidney Poitier Cuba Gooding Jr. or Jamie Foxx. But knowing the trickery that these Hollywood types use to hype up their projects...it's probably Juicy J or DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia.  
  2. Dan Aykroyd will be announcing another Ghostbusters 3 rumor in the next 2 months. 
  3. And both McFarlane and Aykroyd need to stop these media hype cycles and just go to work to create a script for all us fans. Will someone give them a reboot to the ass!