Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest: My newest creation

I'm still working on that most anticipated list of movies in 2012 (and by working, I mean procrastinating and doing other things like creating this Pinterest board and playing Skyrim), but until I get a list wrangled up, you can enjoy this link to my Pinterest board about upcoming movies. Also be sure to vote on the Procrastinator's Point homepage for your favorite movies to be released in 2012.

If you don't know what Pinterest is...I don't blame you. It's a picture blog minus words...well it has very few words involved. The best way to describe Pinterest is saying it is like photobucket and twitter had a baby.

Seventeen years ago, my wife got extremely excited over this website/social network. My memory is shot, and calendars confuse me. It could have been sometime in 2011 for all I know. She's a crafty gal in that she makes stuff not like she is sneaky or anything. Back to the story, she posts pictures of crafts and future projects...she found her niche. Most likely, if you are male, you haven't signed up for this website...and believe me, I wondered why I had it for quite awhile (just like my Google+ account). I know some tattoo artists use it to showcase their work and other guys upload their original artwork...however I'm not picture crafty, I'm not artistic. I'm a crafty word artist, so all I really need is a blog. But, I found a reason to create a board with this upcoming movies one. Now, I can pin pictures of movies that are coming out in the near future for others to see. Also, I've added contributors to this board for the first time (five female friends from my college years, one who is now my wife, who all follow me on Pinterest). I figured with all the awesomeness of my comic book and action movie pictures that a few lousy Rom-Coms could equal the playing field (I'll probably be sleeping on the couch for writing that...totally worth it). 

Anywho, check it out and if you end up with a Pinterest account...follow me and I'll add you to this ongoing board of upcoming movies. As long as Hollywood exists, movies will continue to be released, and we shall provide photographic evidence of that!