Thursday, November 17, 2011

NBC Midseason Shake-Up Leaves ‘Community’ In Limbo | Screen Rant

NBC, the fourth rated network (out of 4 major networks), has made yet another genius decision (and by genius I mean completely inconceivable idiotic nonsense). If you haven't heard, NBC released their midseason line-up and the comedy show, Community (with a pretty strong fan-base but not enough ratings) wasn't on it. The network has instead moved Up All Night to the Thursday night line-up and put Whitney (why is it still on the air) and a new sitcom based on a book by Chelsea Handler. This ranks right up there with pulling 30Rock until midseason (however that was rumored to be for Tina Fey's pregnancy). I don't understand what is going on with that network. I have no sympathy for them after the "Jay Leno prime-time failure let's fire Conan O'Brien from the Tonight Show debacle." So far this season, I think they have cancelled 3 of their new shows and put Prime Suspect on hiatus. Now, they are shelving Community and keeping Whitney on the air. If you want, read this article on Screen Rant and find my comment in their comment section to know my true feelings on this issue.

NBC Midseason Shake-Up Leaves ‘Community’ In Limbo | Screen Rant:

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